The steps you need to follow when starting a business | uniquemonst

Just like the majority of people, I finished the college and I got a full time job in a company, everything is pretty normal so far. Shortly after, I realized that I don’t really like the work that I do everyday and I would love to follow my passion and to work for myself instead of helping a corporation to get richer and richer. So I started to think about ways to become a freelancer. At that time I wasn’t thinking about creating a real business or my own company, but I wanted to replace at least 50% of my job income with freelancing income while still keeping my full time job and then eventually switch from full-time to part-time. I wanted to become a logo designer pro as I love design and this is the work that I enjoy to do.


I started to spend less time going out with friends or just wasting my free time scrolling down on social media and I replaced it with research, work, learning, finding connections in the niche that I wanted. I improved my skills and I finally got my first gig to create a logo for a modern minimalist business. For me, it wasn’t the greatest, but they said that I nailed it so they recommended me to other companies shortly after. It wasn’t easy to take care of the full time job and the freelancing at the same time, but I managed to hang in there for about 6 months until I quit because I had enough clients to make a living out of it.


However, the time passed and I wanted to expand and grow, I had to externalize some of the tasks to others, I found people that I would like to work with and I created a small team that was working together to achieve the same goals. When I decided that I want to take this to the next level, to make the transition from a freelancer to an entrepreneur, I knew that I needed a really good plan even before getting started, so I can have some guidelines to follow along the way and that’s what I did and what I recommend to you as well.


The first step is to make a plan. It doesn’t matter what kind of business or domain you would like to approach, you can create Unique 3D logo Design or you can be a plumber and make a business out of it, you still need a plan. You need to know exactly what you want to do, what’s your target and how can you achieve it. After that, stick to the plan, work hard and remember why you started. There will be many times when you will want to quit and get back to a normal job. Yes, a normal job it’s way more easier, but less satisfying than doing what you actually like to do and working for yourself. Even if you quit an 8 hours job and now you have to work 12 hours a day for yourself, there will be a time when you’ll realize that it was all worth it and now you can finally enjoy the life that you always wanted.